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Autism Awareness Fundraiser

By Wilamina Green, 04/13/2015 - 12:44
Autism touches every family in America. Autism touched my life personally when my daughter had a seizure at a local mall when she was near two and a half years young. Thanks to Easter Seals she was diagnosed early. Since then her brother was also diagnosed and Easter Seals helped us out with him. Thankfully in Plainfield IL there is awesome pre school called Bonnie Mc Beth. I am so very thankful to Bonnie McBeth and the staff that was there when my children were there. As well as the staff that is there now. The staff helps not only the children but the family as well. My daughter is now eleven almost twelve. She was diagnosed a few years ago with Pervasive Developmental Disorder with numerous autism features. My son who is now ten has Aspergers and that is a branch of autism. Even if I did not have children diagnosed with what they have. My neighbor has two boys diagnosed with autism. Be aware that autism is challenging not only on the children but the parents. Many families divorce because of autism. I am divorced from my children's father. Him and I had very different parenting views and still do. Every family has different ways of dealing and working with autism. As a mother you become even more of a mother bear to your child when it comes to bullies. You become more of a mother bear when your child reaches school age. You are your child's voice when the school does not help your child in school. Sometimes we are there facing the school board to get special computers to help our child communicate and learn. A child with autism deserves education the best education as much as any other child. There are children who are able to go to colleges and universities. Here in Illinois there is a university that has a dorm special for for special needs teenagers. It takes money and a lot of trust to make this happen. When you purchase any item from the boutique from April 15th to April 30th. 50% of every order will go to Autism Speaks.