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Being Insightful With You

By Wilamina Green, 03/14/2019 - 17:24
#insightfultuesday Follow your passions. Corsetry is a passion of mine that I realized I could do something with in my life. Back in the 90's I worked as bridal consultant. Weeks before an "I Do", sometimes only days. I needed to sell a corset for a bride who had gained weight so she could wear her dress. Also it was the time bridal fashion slowly began to introduce strapless and corset styles. Years later I began a hobby selling plastic boned corsets. I thought that is my customer base financially. As I grew in my business the more I had a plus size focus. Then over time I was being asked "Do you sell steel boned corsets? " After I said no I did ask "would you buy a steel boned corset knowing they are higher price? And that folks is how I grew into steel boned corsets . My passion for corsets and body positivity has lead me down an amazing path taking me to places I never thought to go to. The people I have met some have been able to be trusted to call friend. Following my passion is the best thing I could have done for me.