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Planning for SINergy

By Wilamina Green, 08/19/2015 - 10:28
A lot goes into preparing our the next event we are vending at. We ask questions to select people who either are attending or know people attending. We strive to have a wonderful new fresh exciting stock to offer the events attendants. If we are informed the event has a lot of people into steampunk we bring in more steampunk related items. If we gain no information then we go with our gut feeling. Sometimes we are spot on sometimes we are pretty good. We always leave a first time event with notes on what we need for the next time. We are continuously striving to do better and get better for you. Thanks to this determination for a better shopping experience with us at an event. We are now carrying our biggest selection of vest corsets, and corset dresses. We also have brought in a new size for us. For the girl needing size 24 we now have you covered at the show. We bring with us misses one size and queen one size bodytockings, hosiery, and lingerie. For SINergy we will not be bringing panties nor any hanging lingerie. If you see something on the website and want to make sure we have it for you . Get in touch with us as soon as possible. See you in Michigan soon.