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Powerful Slogan Contest

By Wilamina Green, 03/04/2017 - 11:01
What type of phrases and words make people notice the best parts of others? Songs, poems, and motto's often express strong emotions and themes that explain who someone is, from the inside out. Everyone is special and unique. Stereotypes never encompass the true individuality of what makes us realize the different attributes each person brings to our diverse world. Everyone has the right, desire, and ability to look and feel beautiful, and express their special unique attributes through the impressions given off to others from the way they look to the way they dress and act. I need all of this in a short but sweet poetic slogan for the boutique website. I want to replace what we have up currently. This is where you come in. . I want your poetic talent. This contest is from March 4th 2017 to March 20th 2017. Winner will be announced April 1st 2017. Rules:No foul language, No shame of age, no shame of size,no shame of skin color or race, No shame on gender. Place your entry in this blog or email at Wila@MadameWiladina.com What is the PRIZE???? Yes there is a PRIZE!! Winner gets $50.00 OFF any corset of choice. Free SLUT IN A BOX item. PLUS be a Model to be on the website in your corset.


By tzr6977 on
Where SEXY begins
By Wilamina Green on
Thank you for your entry :)
By Studdface on
Your smile is the most beautiful curve we can add to your body.
By Wilamina Green on
Thank you bunches for your entry. :)
By P34chyk33n on
Shy is sweet Bold is beautiful. Be Bold!
By Wilamina Green on
Thank you bunches for your entry.