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Remembering The Forgotten Abused On The Reservation

By Wilamina Green, 11/05/2017 - 12:17
For two Holiday seasons the Madame Wiladina Boutique has collected with store earnings and generous donations from our customers items to send to the Domestic violence shelter At one of the poorest indian reservations. Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and is known for being forgotten people, nothing is worse than a woman with children in an abusive relationship on the reservation. In any violent break you leave normally with very little. You have to leave behind many items. You sometimes leave with what is on your back and that is it. These women are at times isolated from the tribe , these women know how risky it is to leave the abusive spouse/boyfriend. Because not only are you running from a dangerous person. At times your own family will turn their back on you for leaving this abusive way of life. When these women with children arrive they need what we consider basic human items. When they are ready to start over many of times they have to leave the reservation to the city life and need all the help they can get. The first year we started collecting my goal was one priority flat rat box, we ended up sending two boxes . Last year my goal was two boxes and we mailed out three. This year my goal is four boxes. I know we can do this with your generous help. We will be collecting at the LRA Chicago vendor fair in , the vendor fair at MDSS in Ann Arbor, and the vendor fair at The Space in Columbus all in December. I have just checked and see the shelter is asking for sleepwear in all sizes for children for both boys and girls. Also there is a need for leggings, and jeans for boys and girls in any size. There are babies so think of size 6 months on up to teenagers. I prefer to send brand new items . Now Here is a list of items needed all year round: Baby wash clothes/towels Baby bottles Baby pacifiers Baby socks in all sizes for boys and girls Baby beanies. Flushable wipes are great for potty training. Baby blankets Baby body wash/lotion Baby food non perishable Children body wash/lotion Children socks and mittens for all sizes for boys and girls. Children's books all ages brand new or very gently used. Children's puzzles. Children's Duplo and Lego sets. Children's tooth paste and tooth brushes Children's underwear brand new please. Tweens and Teens Socks Gloves Scarves Leggings jeans Sleepwear Underwear brand new please Shampoo Conditioner Soap bars/body wash Shaving creams Tooth brushes and tooth paste Nail files feminine hygiene products Nail polish because girls deserve some color on those pretty fingers and toes. Lip care Burts Bee's is something we sent last year. Women Body wash/soap bars Toothpaste/toothbrushes Face wash Body lotion Eyeshadow, lipsticks,mascara, and eyeliner brand new (when these women leave the reservation and need to find a job sometimes makeup is a real booster) Hygiene products Socks Leggings Sleepwear Gloves and scarves shaving cream/razors Shampoo and conditioner Face masks Hot cocoa Chocolate It is wonderful if you can donate what you can from this list. With your donation I hope to send four boxes this year. In return for your donations I will be giving you an equally generous discount on a future purchase. Purchase must be made between December 26th 2017 to March 25th 2018. I know there are a lot of ways to help many women. Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.


By Wilamina Green on
We shave shipped out our first big box November 15th 2017. We have our second box filled and ready to go out. Someone donated 3 VO5 Shampoos with no conditioner. If you can donate three conditioners to go with the shampoo that will be greatly appreciated.If you can not donate items do not forget you can donate money for us to go shopping with or use for shipping. Thank you.