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Special Sale 4 A Special Mom

By Wilamina Green, 06/01/2015 - 15:38
One of the joys I have with my business is being able to use the business as a chance to give back to my community with donations to events I attend or that contact me. I can also take advantage of the boutique to help those friends who are running for leather titles. they need items for the baskets they come up with to raise money to get to events. I am happy to do that to those I feel really deserve the gift from my boutique. Back when I first started out here on fetlife and started up the Madame Wiladina Boutique. I met a young lady who was making purchases from time to time over the years. When I finally got to meet her at in Detroit Michigan . I was so happy to meet her she is just bubbly fun sweet and genuine. This young lady has helped my business grow and right now she can use some special help from her lifestyle community. The young lady I speak of is a single mom facing a medical nightmare with her daughter. At Mother's day this year while most of us were celebrating having a wonderful mom or being a mom to wonderful kids. She was praying for God to save her daughter. Her friends prayed for her and her daughter. One special amazing friend even went to help her out. You may have read me talk about her daughter needing prayers. You may have seen me respond to her updates on Facebook. her daughter Addie is a young beautiful girl that has so much of a life ahead of her. Please help me help out the way I can. What I am doing for the entire month of JUNE is fundraising to help out with the medical expenses, the therapy her daughter will need when she does come home one day. Every day this month there will be some kind of SPECIAL SALE GOING ON!! The website is where to shop. Contact me via here, or Facebook with your order. As the website is not able to do this sale. Also what I am going to do is ask each of you who do make a purchase if we can round up to an even amount to donate to Addie and her mom. EXAMPLE your total is I will ask can we round up to $25.00. 15% of All sales generated this month of June will go to help this amazing strong single mom and her daughter. Check back EVERYDAY for the sale of the day. Thanks so much. Please cross post to get more people able to help out. If you for some reason are not up to buying something sexy on sale and just want to make a donation. That is very welcomed as well.