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By Wilamina Green, 04/10/2019 - 17:43
Hi there been sometime since i shared anything .  I recently had a conversation with a new friend in my life, and I mean really reent like yesterday. We both play Pokemon Go  where we live and when we travel. Pokemon Go attracts many ages, and is played around the world by so many people. Including BBW's and BHM. We wee talkng of an experience where she was with some younger skinnier people and how they were all cool but she felt insecure and out of place. I totally understand that my feeling myself. I have been that token BBW friend since junior high school when I started to be the bigger girl. We had our circle of friends and we were various hair colors, skin colors, and yes body sizes.  We are wanted and needed because we are fun, fabulous, we love to smile, we are fun to go clubbing with on a girl's night out. We know how to have an amazing good time. But what else is the token BBW friend? She is everything a skinny friend is. Maybe even sometimes more because we see beyond the weight, we see the soul of someone. it is a lot of fun to go shopping in my boutique knowing you as a BBW and your less smaller friend ar respected, wanted and treated equally. Ther is no body shaming only celebration. We should celebrate what we have in common. We all have our trouble areas we want to hide with our bodies. We all have those bad hair days that make the morning so challenging.  To me being the #TokenBBWFriend is very empowering and not something to fear but to embrace. We also need to understand some of our BBW friends have decided to have a new body and soul and have made changes in life for a healthier better life. They will lose weight and look different but they hopefully do not change on the inside. Hopefully they are still the awesome friend before the weight loss. We should not shove them out of our lves or bully them just because they have lost weight. Let us not judge as we do not want to be judged. Let us support one another.   Next time your in a social environment and your one of the very few BBW's do not worry the skinny girl is going to turn down your attempt of striking down the conversation. Next time when your in the situation that everyone there sitting at the bar is smaller than you show off how curvy girls can rock a sexy black dress. Show off how intellegent you are and geeky you are. That you are worth getting to know and be accepted. Then next time your shopping with me at a vending an event b sure to bring your new friends so you all can be fitted for a new corset. Power on of Body Acceptance for ALL!!