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Timeless Trends

Welcome to another exciting corset from our new line. What we have here is a silk with a touch of delecte lace trim. We want to be able to offer you fabrics and styles that kick your style up a notch . This silk and lace corset can take you anywehere your imagination can go. Step into the world Fairies, Vampires & Wolfs, Hero's & Villain's ,The Wld West,literally where ever you want to take this silk and lace corset.
I have wanted to bring you something so unqiue and so special and I have  something for your fairytale adventures. A mermaidalicious couture corset with reversible sequins. Show off your curves with a touch of awesome sparkles in sequins.  Be a mermaid at the next BBW Bash, Cosplay event, maybe even Ren faire. We really want you to have this corset to release your creative fun .   This corset is part of our new exciting couture line. Currently available in sizes 18 to 42. Size 18 is a special order as we do not carry that size on hand.
This corset means a lot to me to be able to offer you. We tested it out last summer and fall. thanks to the feedback this corset is now part of our new couture collection. I want you to have an amazing PVC corset to show off your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender pride. Rock your curves,  feel this corset made in the highest quality of PVC hugging you in all the right places. Wear any time any month but especially wea in Pride Month.   Currently the size range this will be available in is 18 to 42.  Size 18 is a special order only.    
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