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Silkalicious Corsets

Welcome to another exciting corset from our new line. What we have here is a silk with a touch of delecte lace trim. We want to be able to offer you fabrics and styles that kick your style up a notch . This silk and lace corset can take you anywehere your imagination can go. Step into the world Fairies, Vampires & Wolfs, Hero's & Villain's ,The Wld West,literally where ever you want to take this silk and lace corset. Silk is smooth to the touch, naturally shiny and bright. It drapes well, feels wonderful on the skin and will lay across your body in a very natural way. Get ready for a summer filled with concerts and conventions from Cosplay, steampunk, the geek and even beyond. these corsets are the perfect add on to complete your look.


By wjjenniebrown on
Is there a size chart? I wear a 30 in many things, but I have a very large belly. Any suggestions?