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Winter Wickedness 2018

Friday, February 2, 2018 - 12:00

Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 3:00

“ It's an all new venue - and better than ever!”

A hotel in Northern Columbus!
Disclosed to Paid Attendees after ticket purchase...

Starting at $99

Dress code:
Inside the event - Mild to Wild!

It's getting closer! Can you smell it in the air? The Nights are longer - and the leaves are turning... You know what that means? That's right! Winter is coming... and with it? the AIS Winter Wickedness event! 

And, this time, we are planning something HUGE! It's not just a new presenter line up. It's not just new vendors. It's not just all kinds of new and exciting classes. It's a Brand New Venue! 

That's right! Since they will be tearing down our former venue - we had to find something bigger and better! And, we have found a fabulous new hotel! The good news? It comes with some amazing new options, including an enclosed patio area - that will be chocolate! (Attn Cigar & Ash Players... you know what that means!) 

There are also all kinds of amenities within a very short distance. Restaurants, Shopping, and other Hotels! But... who would want to leave the Kink Mecca we have planned for you??!! 

You can discover more information as we post it to the WW18 Attendees Group - or grab your tickets on the AIS Wicked Website - http://www.adventuresinsexuality.org/WICKED/home.ht… - when registration opens on November 3 at 11:59pm! 

See ya at Wicked 18!